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60˚06’40 N   21˚42’00 E

Discover the secluded beauty of Fagerholm, situated at 60˚06’40 N and 21˚42’00 E, within the expansive archipelago of Turku, one of the largest in the world. Nestled in the Baltic Sea, this private island is a testament to nature’s splendor and historical richness.

Gateway to Tranquility:

Accessible from the Gulf of Bothnia, Fagerholm lies between the Finnish mainland and the Kingdom of Sweden, with the Åland Islands, a Swedish-speaking autonomous region, within close reach. Choose to drive to the nearest dock on Nagu or elevate your journey with a helicopter ride, offering a breathtaking panorama of the 40,000km Finnish coastline and its 50,000+ islands.

Seasonal Serenity:

Regardless of the season, Fagerholm offers a serene environment for your events. Only 30 minutes by helicopter from Arlanda in Sweden or Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland, or a scenic 3-hour drive from Helsinki, the island is accessible year-round.

Dynamic Landscapes:

Fagerholm’s location captures the essence of both the inner and outer archipelago. Shaped by the last Ice Age, the region undergoes a perpetual transformation due to post-glacial rebound, giving rise to new islands in the archipelago.

Driving to Fagerholm:

For those opting to drive, Nagu is the nearest island accessible by road. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport, expect a 2.5-3 hour journey, while it’s approximately 1.5 hours from Turku. Your host will meet you at the Nagu dock for a brief 5-minute boat transfer to the island. Detailed driving instructions will be provided for your convenience.

Dock Coordinates: 60˚07’39 N 21˚44’08 E

Should you prefer not to travel by car, private transfers can be arranged. Feel free to enquire for details.

Chartering a Helicopter:

For a truly elevated arrival, charter a helicopter from Arlanda Helicopter ( in Stockholm, Sweden, or HF Helicopters ( in Helsinki, Finland. Elevate your journey and arrive in style at Fagerholm.

Embark on a seamless journey to Fagerholm and embrace the tranquility that awaits. Whether by land or air, the path to your exclusive island escape is just a step away.

Fagerholm dock