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Services & Facilities

Discover Fagerholm’s Unique Facilities & Services

Fagerholm Island offers a range of exceptional facilities to enhance your group’s experience. From the main coast guard house for accommodation, meeting areas, kitchen, dining room, and lounge to two party houses, three unique saunas, and a variety of water-based activities, Fagerholm ensures your stay is not just an event but a curated escape.

The island is yours to command during your stay, with staffing customized to your requirements. Your host orchestrates a personalized experience, detailed in your initial offer, ensuring every need is met with a touch of Fagerholm’s unique charm.

Accommodation Designed for Nature

Our accommodation can host up to 40 people in shared rooms, with the main coast guard house being fully renovated in 2023. It boasts 12 double bedrooms, 5 with en-suite facilities and 4 with sea views. Each room is uniquely designed, inspired by nature, and named after different islands in the Finnish archipelago, allowing you to connect with the area’s rich stories.

Culinary Excellence in an Open Kitchen

The heart of your Fagerholm experience lies in our open-plan kitchen. Our home cook crafts delicious meals onsite using seasonal, local produce. Your host collaborates with you to create a bespoke menu, ensuring a culinary journey that aligns with your preferences. Enjoy the transparent and open environment, with options for group cooking or professional chef-led lessons.

Versatile Dining Spaces

The dining area, with a large fireplace separating spaces, accommodates up to 20 people sitting. Larger groups find comfort in our two “party houses” or as a cocktail reception. In summer, indulge in outdoor dining on the spacious terrace overlooking the sea. Our catering and alcohol permits extend to hosting up to 40 people in the dining area.

Collaborative Meeting Spaces with a View

The former watchtower offers a meeting space with a 360-degree view of the archipelago. Ideal for Strategy/ExCom meetings, the room is equipped with WiFi, projector, flipcharts, TV screen, and air conditioning. The space can be separated for complete privacy, and our staff ensures technical support is always at hand.

Relaxation in Saunas and Hot Tubs

Choose from three distinctive saunas, including an electric sauna (up to 8 people), a wood-fired sauna (up to 10 people) with an outdoor hot tub, and a traditional Finnish smoke sauna (up to 30 people) with an outdoor hot tub. Each option provides a unique sensory experience for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Unique Party Houses for Special Occasions

Enhance your event by arranging dinner in our party houses – “Slipen” (the old boat house) or “Lucky Duck” (the former passport and customs house). Each facility can accommodate up to 40 people, adding a touch of charm to your gatherings.

Diverse Activities for Every Interest

Fagerholm offers an array of activities, from kayaking and jet skiing to sightseeing in the archipelago and sea rescue training. Customize your experience with activities such as fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, open campfire grilling, whisky tasting, and more. The entire island is yours to explore, with options for coastal walks, terrace relaxation, gym workouts, and private workspaces.

Contact Us for More Information

As part of your booking, Fagerholm opens its entire island for your enjoyment. For more details on facilities, services, and activities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your extraordinary Fagerholm experience awaits.