April 5, 2016


Krok strand - location overview

How to get there

Fagerholm is located in the city of Parainen (in Swedish Pargas stad) in the south-western coast of Finland. Fagerholm is located in the words largest archipelago between the mainland Finland and Sweden. The coordinates of the island are 60.06.40N 21.42.00E. The nearest small town is Nagu (Nauvo in Finnish), which is also the name of the larger island from where you take the last boat ride to Fagerholm.

By Car from Helsinki-Vantaa airport (or Turku / Helsinki)

From Helsinki-Vantaa airport drive as follows;

  1. take the Ring road towards west (drive for appr. 20 km)
  2. take the E18 road towards Turku / Åbo (drive appr. 135 km)
  3. take the road nr 180 towards Korpo/Pargas/Kaarina (appr. 20 km East of Turku on motorway towards Helsinki) (drive appr. 33 km until reaching road ferry)
  4. take road ferry (call or send sms, so we can estimate your ETA at Krok strand)
  5. continue with road nr 180 through the center of Nagu until You reach sign to your left for Mattnäs (drive appr. 25 km, – from Nagu center appr. 10 km)
  6. take road to the left towards Mattnäs
  7. after 1 km take to right towards Krok and after 2 km, take to right (asphalt road begins to left, don’t take asphalt rd). Public road ends, but continue forward.
  8. when reaching sign “Hinders”, continue straight (NOT towards Hinders). You are reaching the village Krok’s harbor, where Fagerholm’s jetty is to your right (look for sign), from where you will be picked up by boat for transfer to Fagerholm. Address ; Krokintie 399, 21660 Nauvo , Coord; 60.07.39N, 21.44.08E (60,1275, 21.7356)

By Airplane The nearest commercial international airport is located in conjunction to the city Turku (in Swedish city of Åbo), from where it is appr. 75 km to Fagerholm. The more trafficed airport is Helsinki-Vantaa airport, the Finnish capital Helsinki’s main airport. From Helsinki the distance to Fagerholm is appr. 225 km.

By Airplane or Car + Ferry An option is also to travel by airplane or car to Stockholm, from where You can take a ferry from Stockholm to Turku (either a day or night trip) or Helsinki (only night trips). The main ferry operators are Silja Line (www.tallinksilja.fi) and Viking Line (www.vikingline.fi).

By Bus and Public Boat Take a bus from Helsinki or Turku to Pärnäs road ferry (from where the ferry goes from Nagu to Korpo) and board the public boat that leaves at 11.00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the route where Fagerholm is one of the stops. Your trip with the public boat needs to be confirmed latest the day before before noon, by calling the captain of the public boat.

By Boat / Ship At coordinates 60.06.40N 21.42.00E, – appr. 2,5 km straight east of Korpoström and south of Pärnäs.

By Helicopter For ex. from Arlanda you can charter a helicopter directly from Arlanda to Fagerholm. One operator is Arlanda Helicopter (www.arlandahelicopter.se). From Helsinki one operator is Helitour (www.helitour.fi).