March 21, 2016


Fagerholm-air_webThe island Fagerholm is located in the largest arhipelago in the world, situated between the Finnish mainland and the Kingdom of Sweden, in proximity to the autonomous region of Åland islands, a Swedish-speaking autonomous region within the Republic of Finland. In 1921, according to the decision of the League of Nations, Finland gained sovereignity over the Åland Islands while the region was also guaranteed neutrality and a status as a demilitarized zone, with an autonomous governance.

Fagerholm island is a small island, but posess both typical nature of inner and outer archipelago. There is a main house with appr. 15 rooms on the island, which is of a casual standard, as it was previously serving the boarder guard officers, but serves today as a casual, informal and relaxed setting for your team to have a secluded place for your executive or strategy meetings. On Fagerholm the main focus is on strategic reviews / long-term strategic thinking or key customer meetings, even if you somethimes also well can use your time challenging yourself with both outside activities, different saunas, for instance a smoke sauna, – the best sauna there is, hot-tubs and swimming in the cold watered sea etc..

Karta gammal - Fagerholm utan FI-SWEThe island have in the history been both in use as a customs station, frontal and coastal guard station, military radar and communication station, as well as have had several other functions within the Swedish Kingdom, Russian Empire and the Finnish Republic during the last 400 years. During the history, the island was several times used as a secluded place for meetings, – and base for fishing trips, by the countries leaderships.

Outside Fagerholm island, on 60 meter dept, lies the German ship SS Hindenburg, were it went down on November 19, 1942. Today, it is not anymore allowed to dive the wreck, as the currents are dangerous and the naval traffic have increased on the main route from Europe to Western Finnish ports.

It was still only in 1993, when Finlands’s official passport controls were carried out at the island. Today, there is still an expanding national weather station operating, so you can daily hear in the radio what kind of weather there is on the island.

The oldest house was built in stone in early 1700, and it has undergone a total renovation, in order to again be at its full use and historical statue.

B1Today, the island host for instance a military radar station and communications hub, a national Finnish weather station and is continuously security monitored, as well as equipped for example with several artillery canons and air-defence weapons, so meetings at the island are well protected.