March 21, 2016

Board & Executive meetings

Fagerholm dinner by Michael Björklund

Fagerholm island – Your place for Strategy & ExCom meetings

Several of our executive meetings and partners key strategy meetings are, when requiring a very secluded environment, implemented at a facility at an island in the worlds largest archipelago.

Fagerholm is located in the Finnish south-western archipelago and is remaining a restricted island, even if today in private ownership.

Your team can have the total island at their disposal, securing both confidentiality and a secluded environment.

Our key partners have long-term agreements securing access to the facilities for their key meetings and events.

Today, special groups can visit the island for example to have ;

– executive meetings
– business strategy meetings
– corporate events
– personal celebrations

The island have for +400 years been utilized by governments due to its strategic location, at the crossing of the ancient Viking-route between Sweden and Finland and the main route from Åbo-Nådendal / Turku-Naantali to continental Europe, being a strategic location for governmental activities.

Until 1993, before Finland joined EU, Fagerholm was for instance a place for passport controls. The island have in the history been in the possession of several states, who all have utilized the island due to its strategic location, as a location for governmental activities. This period spans since early 1700, with both the Swedish Kingdom, Russian Empire and lately the Finnish Republic have had their activities on the island.

The former Customs House (“White House”), from 1728, is one of the oldest houses in the archipelago.