Fagerholm island - Secluded executive meeting facility

the border guard island in the worlds largest archipelago

Fagerholm is located in the Finnish south-western arhipelago, one of the largest archipelagos in the world. It remains a restricted island, even if today in private ownership.

The island have in the history been in the possession of several states, who all have utilized the island due to its strategic location, as a location for governmental activities, including customs, border guards, surveillance and radar operations, communications hub etc. This period spans since 16th century, when Gustav Vasa unified the area to become the Swedish Empire. Thereafter, also the Russian Empire and lately the Finnish Republic have had their activities on the island.
Until 1993, before Finland had joined EU, Fagerholm was a place where passport and customs controls were executed for entering Finland.

Today, special groups visit the island for example to have;
- executive meetings
- business strategy meetings
- corporate events
- personal celebrations

In the present, the island still host for instance a military radar and communications, a national weather station and maritime security installations. The island is continuously security monitored, as well as being equipped for example with several canons and air defence guns.
The island is accessible by boat (in just 5 minutes), ship or helicopter, as well as with public ferry, operating the Nagu cross-traffic from Pärnäs, and runs to Fagerholm on demand.

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